Message from our WRPLA President

Pride and joy; those two words come to mind as I spin around my office surrounded by tax bills, mill rate worksheets, questions about PA-687’s, SOT’s, SOA’s, buzzing in my ears…because I know I’m not alone.

Through the whirring and stirring of tax bill preparation and production “season”, keep in mind the phone calls and comments which may not be reaching your office such as, ‘I really appreciate you looking into this for us. I just wanted to make sure we did it correctly. Your job seems very interesting. I am kinda jealous… Have a wonderful day.’ We continue forward, during times of special circumstance, doing our work from the office or the back room of our basements, knowing that once we march through the present phase we’ll continue onto the next, and probably able to breathe more freely after the new year rollover. Weaved into our Association, are a diverse and strong group of employees who manage to do what we are hired for, finding creative means to get the job done, and possibly lending a hand to help others keep the momentum also…that’s just how this works; I have yet to meet someone who graduated from the ‘property listing school’. Throughout the year, we’ve welcomed many new faces into our Association, bringing fresh voices and curiosities into our gatherings; keep asking the questions! As a few seasoned listers have hopped aboard the retirement train, we’ve also been left with feelings of appreciation and gratitude for all the shared wisdom and advice; thank you and congrats, and know you’ll be missed when we begin to notice the silence on Bitrix and during our next meetings.  We’re not necessarily heros; but we are a great group of people, called to similar roles, just doing the best we can…and I am comforted knowing that you’re out there. Thank you for doing your best, for your support of growing a stronger membership, and I’m hoping whatever next year brings – we’ll at least have each other to help dance through it!