Communications Committee

Are you outgoing? Do you have creative ideas? Do you like technology?

All of these qualities are fabulous – and that is why I will never be on the Communications Committee! I’m very shy, so this wouldn’t be the committee for me. BUT! Maybe this is the committee for YOU! Read on and see…

If you are the Communication Committee Chair, you are automatically on the Board of Directors (BOD). This involves being on the Fall BOD Teleconference and attending the Spring BOD in Steven’s Point. You get to be part of making the decisions that impact our association!!

The other travel involved (or that you’d have to coordinate) would be taking our WRPLA Booth to various conferences, such as the Wisconsin County’s Association (WCA), Wisconsin Society of Land Surveyors (WSLS) Institute, the Wisconsin Land Information Association (WLIA) Conference, and other organization’s conferences that we’d like to promote our association. So, if you are upbeat, friendly, and good at chatting…WE NEED YOU!!

Aside from promoting our association, the Communications Committee is also responsible for updating our website, our facebook page, and keeping our Membership Directory Listing spreadsheet up-to-date (with the help of the Treasurer and Membership Committee).

This year, the committee has been working hard because we’re going to embark on a new platform to replace our “help” email and have shared document storage for our organization. This is a great time to be on the Communications Committee, right Shelbi and crew??!! This is also something that the committee does…help us communicate with each other. This new platform will hopefully streamline our discussions so that there aren’t a bazillion email lists to update, and it’ll be great for sharing documents instead of having to pass around flash drives year to year. More information will be coming soon on this – SO KEEP YOUR EYES PEELED!!

Past committee Chairs have revamped the website (thank you, Jeremy!!) and even had a booth overhaul after our old banner and booth were called, among other things, “Masonic” (thanks for doing all that work, Lauree!!). Many people contributed, and we have some great new banners and a great new look to our website to promote our association!

So, think about this committee…ask questions if you are interested. The current chair is Chelbi Stromblad from Trempealeau County. I can get you in touch with past Chairs, too.

Have a great Thanksgiving, everyone!
Krista Paulson, President
District 4