Education Committee

As 2017 comes to a close, and you start to think about what you’ll resolve to do for next year, maybe you’ll want to make a resolution to be part of a committee for the WRPLA!! And, if so, maybe the Education Committee is the one for you!

Have you ever wondered what you can get full grown adults to do in the name of learning? Trust me, it’s happened. There was once an Education Session titled Survivor: Outwit, Outlast, Outlist. No joke.

The Education Committee is responsible for, among other things, the Education Session during our Annual State Meeting (ASM). This can be anything from getting a speaker to come in, have trivia, moderate a general discussion of topics, or anything else that would educate the association at large. Many times games have been incorporated to lighten it up, but if that’s not your cup of tea…you can keep it completely informational.

That’s the beauty of being on the Education Committee: you get to decide how to do the education session!

Other things that the Education Committee is responsible for:

  • Updating the WRPLA Manual with any statutory changes; update the hyperlinks
  • Creating the ASM Survey and tabulating the results
  • Updating the WRPLA Assessment Websites map on our website
  • Ordering, housing, and maintaining an inventory of binders, mugs or other products used to promote the Association

As the Chair, you are automatically on the BOD (Board of Directors) and will attend the Spring BOD meeting in Steven’s Point. You also have to have an “Education Committee Report” to give at the ASM.

So, if you are creative, you want to spread knowledge to the Association, and you’ve ever sat through an Education Session and thought “I think I’d like to organize one of these sessions!!” THEN THIS IS THE COMMITTEE FOR YOU!!

Think it over and make it your New Year’s Resolution to get involved in the WRPLA!!

Happy Holidays!
Krista Paulson, President
Lafayette County (District 4)